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  MHA Nation Department of Transportation Highway Patrol Unit Initiated by      
Chairman Tex Hall for Protection of Tribal Members Becomes Active in April
 -Photo by Glenda Embry
Chairman Hall Envisions MHA Nation Tribal Vehicle Tags Next
By Glenda Embry, Tribal Public Information Officer
   New Town - The Civil Code that Chairman Tex Hall implemented for the safety of the people of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation has created a new program, the MHA Nation Highway Patrol Unit. The Unit has hired an interim director Richard Hall. He is charged with getting the unit up and running. Positions are advertised for two MHA Nation Department of Transportationmotor carrier inspectors, two highway patrol officers, an office assistant, registration specialist, an in-house accountant, and Chief Highway Patrol officer. Thedeadline for applications is March 15, 2012.
   Currently Tom Sage is hired as Highway Patrol Officer, Monte Packineau, Motor Carrier Inspector, and Stephanie Baker acting registration specialist. These three along with Richard Hall form the core of Unit. The Unit modeled after the North Dakota State Highway Patrol Unit will work closely with Mountrail County Highway Patrol. Next month, April 2012, the staff will train with the Mountrail County Sheriff’s Office in Stanley.
  Monte Packineau, Motor Carrier Inspector for new Mandan Hidatsa and Arikara Nation Highway Patrol Unit stands next to Tom Sage, MHA Nation Highway Patrol Officer. The Unit will be activated next month.  
   Four Ford Expeditions have been ordered said Richard Hall. The vehicles will be here on March 23, and they will be fully equipped just like Mountrail County Sheriff vehicles. We will have our own logo on the doors and on our uniforms. The MHAN Highway Patrol officers will be registered to carry weapons. The Highway Patrol can issue tickets just as any other Patrol unit can but these offenders will be tried in our Tribal Court. Too many offences and a company’s TERO license can be taken away and they will no longer be able to work on the reservation.  
   Our Civil Code allows us to check and tag all oil field vehicles that have their logo or company name on their vehicles. Our motor carrier inspectors have authority to issue safety citations. Motor carrier inspectors will carry a portable weight scale in their vehicles. The scales will arrive in late April. If they believe a truck is unsafe, the motor carrier inspectors have authority to stop and check weight limits, tires, lights, airbrakes and signal lights. The trucks will have to meet North Dakota specifications. If they do not, they will be pulled over, issued a citation and sidelined. They will remain sidelined until the citation has been fixed. They will also have to report to Tribal Court to pay a fine. If a company receives, too many citations or refuses to pay the fines, their Tribal Employment Rights privileges to work on the reservation can be denied and they can no longer work on the reservation. Richard Hall said Chairman Tex Hall directed him to work on establishing our own tribal license plates as well and a public transit system. “I’m looking forward to having both in place said Richard Hall.  
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