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Tribal Business Council Approves to Request Bureau of Indian Affairs to Conduct a
Secretarial Election on Proposed Amendments to Constitution
June 14, 2012
By Glenday Embry, Public Information Officer

       Four Bears, ND -   In a unanimous vote, the Tribal Business Council on Thursday, June 14, 2012 approved two resolutions that would request the Bureau of Indian Affairs to conduct a Secretarial Election on four amendments to the Constitution. The proposed amendments to Article V (Vacancies and Removal from Office) are (1.) the addition of a provision  to Section 1 to provide that upon conviction of a felony a tribal business council member shall be subject to removal from office; (2.) amend Section 1 to require that when a tribal council member is removed from office for any reason authorized by Section 1 that the vacancy thereby created will be filled by a special election rather than by appointment by the tribal council , and (3.) add a new Section 4 to Article V providing procedures to recall a tribal business council member.
       The second resolution, under Article III (Governing Body), Section 2 would change the number of council members from one to two representatives from each Segment, thereby increasing the tribal business council, including the Chairman to thirteen members.  Thereafter, the population of a Segment would determine the number of representatives on the Council.  In each Segment for each population increase of 750 adult voters there will be an increase of one council member.
       According to the Council the goal is to have the Secretarial Election on the November ballot. Changes would take place in the 2014 elections.
      Tribal Chairman Tex Hall appointed a constitutional Revision Committee to review the Tribal Constitution and make recommendations for constitutional amendments. Committee members are Titus Hall, Donna Morgan and Ramona Two Shields.

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