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  New Riverview Subdivision to House      
Displaced Residents of Prairie Winds


June 26, 2012
By Glenda Embry, Public Information Officer

      Plans are underway to build a new subdivision just east of New Town to house the displaced

Prairie Winds residents. About 45 mostly tribal member residents of the privately owned Prairie
Winds Trailer Court received eviction notices on December 26, 2011 informing them they would
need to move out of the trailer court by May 1, 2012.  Facing displacement with nowhere to go, the
residents turned to the Tribal Business Council. Since the trailer court is located in the North
Segment, the Council voted to authorize North Segment Council Representative Scott Eagle to find a
suitable location for the residents. Last week, Eagle, took reporters on a tour of the area selected by
the Tribal Council. Also with him were several residents of Prairie Winds and architect Herb Fricke of
Cooper Zietz Engineers who designed the site. The location just east of New Town is just behind the  
old North Segment Community Building, and south of Highway 23 between the railroad tracks and  
the highway.  
      To allow the Tribal Business Council time to find another location, the Council met with owners of
the trailer court and the eviction notice was changed to August 31, 2012.  The short timeline has
crews hustling to get infrastructures in place before the deadline so residents can move in. They
are leveling the site, setting up power lines, roadways and bringing in water storage tanks until
Rural Water becomes available. FEMA trailers will be available for some of the residents who
were renting or whose homes were too old to move.  Eagle Rock Timber Inc., an Indian owned
company with headquarters in Idaho Falls Idaho is the general contractor.


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