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  Results of Tribal Primary Election Announced  
September 29, 2012
Minot Daily News

NEW TOWN - Results of the Three Affiliated Tribes' Sept. 18 primary election for business council representatives from three districts of the Fort Berthold Reservation have been announced.

The election results were certified by the tribal Election Board Sept. 21.

Fred Fox was declared the winner in the White Shield district. He received the majority of the votes cast, or 52 percent. Fox received 167 votes. He replaces Frank Whitecalfe, who resigned late last week to care for his ailing wife, according to tribal officials. Whitecalfe's term ends Nov. 6 and Fox will serve out his term of office, then begin his regular term Nov. 6. Whitecalfe served on the council for nearly eight years.

Fox has been the administrator of the tribal Energy Department.

Others running for the White Shield post and their votes were: Bernard White, 79; Martina Turner, 37; and Frank M. Felix Sr., 35.

Ken Hall, with 123 vote, and Scott Eagle, incumbent, with 95 votes, were declared winners in the New Town/Little Shell district.

Others running for the New Town/Little Shell position and their votes were: Curtis Wells, 89; Susan Hall, 53; Vance Gillette, 48; Verdell Smith, 44; Whitney Bell, 43; Tutus Hall, 36; Jay Standish, 23; Dakota Heart, 13; and George Fast Dog, 8.

Randy Phelan, with 105 votes, and Lloyd Vigen, with 98 votes, were declared winners in the Mandaree district.

Others seeking the Mandaree post and their votes were: Walter Deville Sr., 85; Rosie Johnson, 28; Blaine Flynn-Fox, 21; Arnold Strahs, incumbent, 16; and Diana Hale, 6.

The two top vote-getters in the New Town/Little Shell and Mandaree districts will advance to the general election in November.

Photos by Glenda Baker-Embry, Public Information Officer


Fred Fox, left, is administered the oath of office by his brother Wayne Fox, right, as the Three Affiliated Tribes’ business council representative for the White Shield district. In the middle is Dancing Eagle Perkins, who worked for Frank Whitecalfe. Fred Fox replaces Whitecalfe on the council.      
Chairman Tex Hall and Council Representative Mervin Packineau of Parshall/Lucky Mound watch as newly sworn in Council Representative Fred Fox is honored with Pendleton blankets and a Warbonnet by Dancing Eagle Perkins.      
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