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  Twin Buttes Demonstration School Ahead of Schedule
September 28, 2012    
By Glenda Baker-Embry, Public Information Officer    
     New Town, ND - Lonnie Burr, senior project manager for the new Twin Buttes Demonstration School, stated the school construction is ahead of schedule. He said they broke ground on the project on May 16, 2012 two weeks before the scheduled starting date in June of 2012.  Burr said engineers and architects told him the entire project would take 22 -24 months to complete.  The new school replaces the old Twin Buttes School, which will be torn down when the new building is completed. Both schools are K-8 grades.  The total cost of the 24,500 sq ft building is $9.2 M.  The building is funded through the Bureau of Indian Affairs with matching funds from the tribe. The contractor is Flintco, LLC from Albuquerque, NM.  
     Burr said the schools current completion date is March 2013. We are on an accelerated time track.  He said as soon as school lets out the demolition of the old school will begin.  Currently there are four modular classrooms being used and these will be kept.  One will be used by the Boys and Girls Club in Twin Buttes and other three are being considered for storage. The new school is located just north of the old school.
     Burr said he is having a time-lapse video of the construction phase of the building and he will turn that over to the Twin Buttes Community and to the Tribe for historical purposes.
      I want to credit the current administration, Chairman Hall and the entire tribal council who worked to get the funding and who believed in this project said Burr.    
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