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  Tribal Chairman Responds to Pipeline Water Spill
Approximately 220k gallons of brine production water released in open field of Mandaree
May 08, 2015    
"During the morning of May 7, our tribal environmental and natural resource agencies were notified by a pipeline operator that a production water release had occurred. Initial assessment and reports indicate that approximately 220,000 gallons had spilled in what is primarily an open field in the Mandaree area of the Fort Berthold Reservation.

It was also initially reported that the spill did not directly impact any major water source, and that the closest water source is an intermittent stream approximately 400-500 meters from the impacted areas.

Tribal response units have and will continue to coordinate with both state and federal agencies on the matter, as well as with representatives of the company involved with and responsible for the spill, Crestwood. Tribal response teams and regulatory agencies will continue to investigate and assess the situation, and further information will be released as facts are more clearly identified or established."

EPA Director Edmund Baker stated that at this time only authorized personnel are allowed on site during this time of investigation.
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