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   Mission Statement
      The entire staff of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation’s Fitness & Recreation Program will strive to provide the  utmost quality Recreation Services to each of our six (6) communities on this great Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. It
 is our goal to serve our people with dignity, compassion, and respect through the utilization of team and individual  recreational activities.
    Our primary objectives are meeting the needs of our people of all ages through structured reservation wide activities  while promoting prevention, awareness, and intervention through the collaboration of other Tribal Health entities by  means of offering our services on a consistent basis. We will do our very best to serve you. Should you need further  information please feel free to contact our office at 701-627-3456 ext. 5419 at your convenience.
   TAT Fitness and Recreation's 3 Phases and Timelines
 Phase 1: July 25, 2012-October 28, 2012 (Read more)
Identify temporary office space for program development.
   -Purchase the necessary start-up office equipment, cell phone, and business cards.

Develop a monthly and quarterly reporting system to maintain program progress and accountability which will be reported in a consistent manner to the MHA Nation’s Chief of Staff or to the appropriate committee as assigned.

Meet and collaborate with the MHA Nation’s Boy’s and Girl’s club to maintain program effiency to ensure program consistency in collective efforts are attained.
   -Attend meetings with other Tribal entities to gain feedback and to introduce the Recreation program.

Identify current MHA Nation programs which could strengthen the TATs Recreation program.

Advertise the Recreation program to promote the implementation of the TATs Recreation program. Resources to be utilized are:
   -Radio, news paper, and written promotions.
   -The development of a monthly news letter for distribution via e-mail to media outlets and the TAT’s e-mail user list on      a consistent basis.

Travel to the six (6) outlying communities of the Ft. Berthold Indian Reservation to meet with community residents and school officials to introduce the program and gain feedback.
   -Distribution of surveys to the community members to gain their feedback of what types of programs they feel would      be beneficial to the needs of their communities.

Develop a master schedule indentifying timelines for program activities.

Develop a detailed budget for the MHA Nation’s 2012 fiscal year which will include all of the six (6) communities which will serve male and female participants from the Kindergarten age to our elderly.
   -Phases one (1) and (2) to be funded by the MHA Nation.
   -The program Director will seek and write for grant funding for the Tribal Recreation Program’s operation on via grants      and a Tribal dollar match for phase and three (3) and beyond which will commence the 2013 fiscal year.

Conduct organizational meetings with the identified Community Recreation Specialists and prepare to launch the program!
   -Insure ALL Recreation Specialists are adequately trained in all of the areas they will serve as stated in their job      descriptions.
   -Have all activities that we, the recreation program, will offer consistently on a year to year and season to season in      place.
   -Identify resources and programs in collaboration of collective efforts and services.

 Phase 2: November 01, 2012-October 31, 2013 "Into Action" (Read more)
Commence fall activities in all six (6) communities for program participants of all ages.
   -Six (6) Community Recreation Specialists to be added in each segment and one (1) main office Administrative      Assistant to be added to the MHA Nation's Recreation Program staff at this venue. One (1) program cell phone and      vehicle will also be added in each segment and one (1) four wheel drive truck in the New Town office.
   -Purchase all necessary program equipment for each segment for program functional purposes
   -Sign in sheets and documentation of the Recreation program’s participants and the program’s progress will be kept      for the program’s consistency and accountability, this documentation will be included in the Recreation Specialists      weekly reports for the Recreation Director’s monthly and quarterly reports.
   -Mandatory monthly staff meetings will be conducted to ensure the program’s credibility and accountability to the      people we serve.
   -The necessary activity results will be reported to the media and Tribal e-mail users as well as inclusion in the      Recreation Program’s monthly newsletter
 Phase 3: November 01, 2013-October 31, 2014 (Read more)
Continuation of all Recreation Program practices and procedures with addition of programs that may potentially benefit the needs of each community.
   -Distribution of program surveys for the addition and possible elimination of programs offered in each community.
   -Program Director will seek grant funding as well as a Tribal dollar match for program operation.
   -Begin charging a small league/player/participation fee into the Tribal Recreation   Programs to help offset program      costs.
   TAT Fitness and Recreation Staff
Kevin Finley   Lori Finley   Melichi Four Bear
Director   Administrative Assistant   Sports Administrator
Cylee Johnson   Derek Howell   Dale Charging
Community Fitness Coordinator   Community Recreation Specialist   Mandaree Football Coach
    Four Bears Segment   701-421-8903
Morley Spotted Bear   Stoney Williams   Nick Ator
Twin Buttes Football Coach   New Town Football Coach   Parshall Football Coach
701-220-1182   701-421-5442   701-898-1263
Luke Hartman   Sheldon Rush   Cedric Wilkinson
Parshall Assistant Football Coach   WS Football & Volleyball Coach   White Shield Assistant Football Coach
Sommer Commings   Eric Yellow Boy   Patti Yellow Boy
Twin Buttes Volleyball Coach   New Town Volleyball Coach   New Town Volleyball Coach
701-690-4096       701-421-6141
Rainey White   Ann Charging    
White Shield Volleyball Coach   Parshall Volleyball Coach