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   TAT Fitness and Recreation - Four Bears Segment
      We are pleased to announce that we are starting a NEW program for the youth and community of the Four Bears Segment! This program will provide structured activities for the youth from 4-8pm, after school and no school days. WE WILL GO ABOVE AND BEYOND the programs and activities that are offered today. Providing new outlooks, opportunities, and encouragement that may not have been there before.
    The TAT Fitness and Recreation - Four Bears Segment, is located inside of the Johnny Bird Veterans Memorial Building/Four Bears Community Center. Parents are required to fill out a membership application before their children start with the program. Applications can be found at the Four Bears Community Center or found here. Check out our poster here for more information.
  TAT Fitness & Recreation
  TAT Fitness & Recreation Four Bears Segment Membership Application
  Four Bears Segment    
  Four Bears Community Center   Check out our Facebook page here.
  2000 Chief Four Bears Ave.    
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