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  The Mandan Hidatsa & Arikara Nation established the Business Loan Program for the purpose
of assisting its memebership with short-term loans. The business loan program is a revolving
leading program, as borrowers repay their loans, the funds become available for more loans.
Maximum funding: $100,000. with the interest rate at Prime + 1% thereafter reset annually by
TBC. Fixed Assets -10 year max term, Equipment-7 year max term, Working Capital-5 year max
term, other terms vary based on the type of loan.  Collateral pledged for the loan must be
secured with fixed assets or other reasonable collateral with equal value of the loan, with TAT
first lien position. The applicant must show credit worthiness with the tribe.
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  Three Affiliated Tribes TAT Business Development Program Toni Starr, Director  
  Business Loan Program Business Loan Program  
  404 Frontage Road MHA Office Complex Building    
  New Town, ND 58763 1 Minne-Tohe Drive    
    Four Bears Segment    
  Telephone: 701-627-6613      
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Three Affiliated Tribes
404 Frontage Road
New Town, ND 58763