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Resolution No. 17-117-FWF "Approval of an Updated Fee Structure for the MHA Nation Energy Division to Regulate and Oversee Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Activities"  
Resolution No. 15-045-LKH "Establishing a Procedure for the APproval of Leases, Rights of Way, Setback Variances and Permissions to Survey on Tribal Land"  
Resolution No. 11-144-VJB "Missouri River Resources Right of First Refusal to Mineral Interests of the Three Affiliated Tribes"  
Resolution No. 11-075-VJB "Interim Regulation Governing the Disposal of Waste and Other Hazardous Substances Associated with the Exploration or Production of Oil and
Gas on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation"
Resolution No. 12-087-VJB "The Missouri River, Badlands and Sacred Sites Protection Act"  
  Resolution No. 12-103-VJB "The Oil and Gas Production Structure Setback Act"  
  Resolution No. 12-139-VJB "Amending the Missouri River and Badlands Protection Act to Allow Variances upon Recommendations by the Tribal Energy Office"  
  Resolution No. 13-049-VJB "A Directive for all Oil and Gas Drilling Companies on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation to develop remediation plans for oil and gas drilling waste
and to direct the Tribal Environmental Department to develop standards for the regulation for the remediation of oil and gas drilling wastes"
  Resolution No. 13-070-VJB "Regulation of Flaring of Gas, Imposition of Tax, Payment of Royalties and Other Purposes"  
  Amended Resolution No. 13-071-VJB "Requirement for High Definition Video Surveillance on Tribal Well Sites on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation"  
  Resolution No. 13-109-VJB "Establishment of the Three Affiliated Tribes Standardized Minimum Rates for Oil and Gas Lease Bonus, Royalties and Road and Pipeline Easements"  
Amended Resolution No. 13-126-VJB "Amending the Oil and Gas Production Structure Setback Act"  
MHA Energy Division Accidental Release or Spill Requirements  
Conditions of Approval Missouri River Resolution 12-103  
  Resolution No. 14-054-VJB "Requiring Closed Loop Drilling Systems within the Reservation Boundaries for All Approved and Future Wells and APDs for the Management of
Drilling Fluids and Disposal of Drill Cuttings at an Approved and Licensed Disposal Site"
  Resolution No. 14-055-VJB "Requiring all Commercial Vehicles Transporting Produced Fluids, Except for Fresh Water, on or Across Tribal Lands Must Have a GPS Unit
Installed With an Active Monitoring and Tracking System"
  Resolution No. 14-089-VJB "Approval of the MHA Nation Application for Right of Way and Use of Rights-of-Way, the MHA Nation Pipeline Right-of-Way Terms and Conditions,
and the Section D. on Pipeline Right-of-Way Fees"
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  MHA Energy Division Handbook                  

TAT Environmental Code

  Control of Gas & Oil Resources Chapter 38-8              
  North Dakota Administrative Code Chapter 43-02-03              
  Three Affiliated Tribes Flaring Task Force Recommendations Report          
  Onshore Orders                  
  Onshore Order-Preamble                  

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