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Sheila Many Ribs
Director/EDA Planner
Fahtima Hood
Community Traffic Safety Coordinator/Administrative Project Officer
My name is Sheila Many Ribs and I am the director of the MHA Planning & Grants
Department. I’ve been working for the Three Affiliated Tribes going on fourteen years
and have enjoyed working with different administrations over the past years. 
The knowledge and experience has helped me help others within the tribal
departments. I am blessed with five children Shawn, Emanuel, Vincent, Edward
and Candace. I am blessed with five grandchildren Carter, Celine, Ashton, Brycee,
and Caius. I have experience with audits, indirect proposals, oil and gas, taxation,
budgets, tribal, federal, and indirect programs, and planning and grants. 
I received my Masters in Business Management from University of Mary in 2004
and Masters Business Administration, University of Mary in 2004.  I graduated with
Magna Cum Laude from the University of Mary. I enjoy going to bingo, poetry,
and spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy helping others and love to
share my knowledge and experience that I have gained over the years working with
various departments and I do have knowledge in Tribal, Federal, and
Indirect Programs. Look forward in working with each of you in the future. 

Office: 701-627-6245
Cell: 701-421-0649
My name is Fahtima Hood; my Indian name is “Running Star Woman”
(Ixx-dah-xee i-dia wea-ush). I am an enrolled member of the Three Affiliated Tribes
(Mandan, Hidatsa, & Arikara Nation) and a mother of two sons; DeSean, 12 years old,
Tekoah, 7 years old and married to my wonderful husband Carson Hood, Jr whom
we are foster parents to a beautiful little 4-year-old girl who has been in our lives for a
year and a half. I graduated from the New Town High School in 2000 and went onto
United Tribes Technical College where I received my A.A.S Degree in Criminal Justice
in 2002 and then moved home where I attended Fort Berthold Community College and
received my A.A Degree in Human Services in 2004. I am currently the MHA
Community Traffic Safety Program Coordinator & Administrative Project Officer for the
Planning & Grants Department. My responsibility is to prepare all contract/grant
payment requests and voucher documents to the official contract/grant as well as
ensuring that contract/grant financial records are maintained in an accurate and
current manner and provide technical assistance in completing grant applications.
Also, as the CTSP Coordinator, I provide outreach for traffic safety campaigns to the
schools and community and Promote awareness on traffic safety issues; distracted
driving, seatbelts, drinking & driving, etc. Last but not least, coordinate and complete
program activity through community level partnerships, and serve as an advocate of
traffic safety information and activity in the service region.  I have worked for the Tribe
for 13 years and I look forward to serving our tribal members & general public to the
best of my knowledge & experience for many years to come.   
  Office: 701-627-6248
Cell: 701-421-7668
Nichole Price
Web Content Manager/Newsletter Publisher
Cheryl "Sherrie" Gillette
Grant Writer
My name is Nichole Price and I am the web content manager for the MHA Planning &
Grants Department.  I live in New Town and I am an enrolled member of the Three
Affiliated Tribes.  I have three daughters; Taiya, Takiyah, and Tianna, and three sons;
Ricardo, Jalen, and Joseph, whom I raise with my boyfriend of eight years, Joey Chase. 
I became a mother as a teenager, which resulted in me dropping out of school and later
getting my GED in the summer of 2009. I started working for the tribe in 2012 at the
former Northern Starr Gift Shop, while attending the former Fort Berthold Community College. I received my Associate of Art’s degree in Business Administration/ Managementfrom FBCC in May of 2013.  I then transferred to the Planning & Grants
Department in June of 2013 to utilize my education and gain some experience. My
duties as the web content manager include gathering all the information that is on the
Planning and Grants website. Along with those duties, I also serve as the publisher of
our department’s newsletter, and assist in submitting grants and reports. My hope is
to go back to school soon to further my education so I can be a great asset to our tribe.  
Office: 701-627-6250
Cell: 701-421-1641
Office: 701-627-6244
Cell: 701-421-1469
Dean Bear Claw
Grant Writer
Claudia Lyson
Data Technician
My name is Dean Bear Claw and I am a Grant Writer for the MHA Planning & Grants
Department. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts and Political
Science from Eastern Montana College in Billings, Montana. Grant and research writing
is a skill that I learned while doing an internship program in the EMC Office of Grants
and Research. I attended New York University as a graduate level student where my
main archival research focused on the Crow collection at the National Museum of the
AmericanIndian near Wall Street in New York City. I have done extensive research on
Crow cultural property in museum collections like the Smithsonian Institution in
Washington, D.C. I have also done research and written on the subject of economic and
energy development as it relates to the Crow Indian reservation. I collaborated on the
University of New Mexico Press publication titled Richard Throssell: Crow Indian
Photographer. I have been working forthe Planning & Grants Department since
October of 2015. Along with being a grant writer, I am also the Editor in Chief of our
department’s newsletter.
My name is Claudia Lyson. I started working for the Tribe in 2006 in the Maintenance
Department. I transferred to the Planning & Grants Department in January of this
year as a Data Technician. I am learning new things day to day. I live in New Town,
but I grew up in Shell Creek. My parents are the late Chuck (Brady) Fox and Penny
(Jones) Fox. I have four sisters and two brothers. I met my husband, Kenny Lyson, in
1986 and we were wed in 1998. We have four children; Kota, Shay, Nicole and Gayle,
and 11 grandchildren.

Office: 701-627-6228
Cell: 701-421-8410
Office: 701-627-6247
Cell: 701-421-0058
Joleen Steele
Administrative Assistant/Data Technician
Office: 701-627-6246
Cell: 701-421-7527
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