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Curtis Seeseequasis

Name: Curtis Seeseequasis

Job Title: Brownflieds Coordinator

Office: 701-627-4569

Previous Work Experience: Ranch Hand 7yrs, Halliburton (Hydraulic Fracturing) 2yrs, Farrier (horse shoeing) 6yrs, Nabors (drilling floor hand) 1yr, Roustabout field hand 3yrs, Three Affiliated Tribes Environmental Division Compliance Officer 2yrs

Hobbies:Riding/working with horses (ranch work, roping, shoeing, pleasure riding, horse racing), leather work (carving, stamping), singing/traveling to powwows, spending time with my family

Milton Beston

Name: Milton Beston

Job Title: Environmental Compliance Officer

Office: 701-627-4569

As a community tribal member of the West Segment Area, Milton is aware of the current need for environmental monitoring and protection of our Reservation. His familiarity with the tribal land, roads and environment is crucial to his job duties.

Previous Work Experience: Working with oil companies as a rig worker, also as a heavy equipment operator for the Three Affiliated Tribes Road Department.

Hobbies: Being outdoors hunting, fishing, traveling, and helping different organizations.


Name: Charles Fox

Job Title: Compliance Officer

Name: Robert Fimbers

Job Title: Lead Compliance Officer

Office: 701-627-4569

Name: Chad Morsette

Job Title: Compliance Officer

Office: 701-627-4569