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The TAT Environmental Division's Compliance Program exists to investigate and address all releases and environmental incidents within the Fort Berthold Reservation. The scope and authority given to the Environmental Division necessitates a field component to investigate and mitigate oil field impacts. The officers are trained in safety and field investigations ranging from gas releases, sewage releases, TENORMs(Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occuring Radioactive Materials), hydrocarbons, produced water, and various other types of releases that pose a threat to human health and the environment.

The strength and utility of the Compliance Program offers an investigative arm that can lead to civil enforcement under the TAT Environmental Code. Officers employ several methods of testing while following standard operating procedures that are refined into a report format. Releases are entered into a database that allows the TAT Environmental Division the ability to track incidents across the Fort Berthold Reservation.

Among Region 8 Tribes, the TAT Environmental Division Compliance Program is unique and stands as a pillar of tribal sovereignty in protecting the homelands of Fort Berthold.