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White Shield Police Station:

The White Shield Police Station was recently sealed by the Aberdeen BIA due to lead paint. The paint was found to be chipping and creating a possible hazard to the public. They sealed the entire building by boarding the structure up and enclosing the building with an additional layer of plastic sheeting, so no one could get in. We are currently in the process of seeking demolition of this building from the BIA. The BIA has commenced with soil sample testing as part of their protocol. They have already put the demolition job out for bid and they are in the process of awarding the job to a qualified company. The actual demolition start date depends on the BIA’s time frame, it is our understanding that this job is slated to commence in spring of 2016.

New Town Second Hand Store:

Phase one was an asbestos and lead paint analysis which was completed in 2012 by an independent contractor under the supervision of our department. The results of this test confirmed the presence of lead paint and asbestos.

Phase two is ready to commence and will consist of a more in-depth and comprehensive analysis and testing of the entire building.

Q: How do you obtain funding for cleaning up sites?
A: Brownfields cleanup sites are funded by federal and tribal dollars.

Accidental dumping or spills by known licensed companies: The Company is responsible for ALL clean up and our department oversees and monitors the progress to completion and a satisfactory clean up.

The illegal dumping or spills by unknown individuals or companies; The TAT Environmental department accesses the damage and if necessary generates an RFP for a qualified contractor to clean up the spill or dump site. The tribe is currently paying for this process and public health risk through its contingency fund.


Q: How often to you do inspections?
A: Inspections are conducted on a routine and regular daily basis. This is the bulk of our normal day to day operations.

Q: What triggers you going into the field?
A: Reports of ANY form of dumping including hazardous and non-hazardous material, liquid and vapor.


The TAT Environmental Division is collaborating with multiple partners to monitor the quality of both surface water and groundwater resources. Click the links below to learn more about these collaborative efforts.


US Army Corps of Engineers


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