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The TAT Environmental Division has been working with the TAT Solid Waste Division to clean up both new and old illegal dumpsites. Over the past year, we have managed to clean up four major illegal dumpsites in three different segments of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. The sites were located in Parshall, Mandaree and Four Bears. The dumpsites were filled with non-hazardous materials that were properly taken care of by the TAT Solid Waste Division.



Under the authority of the prime agent of the TAT Environmental Code, the Compliance Program Director investigated several environmental releases since implementation in 2014. The TAT Environmental Division has investigated and issued fines where necessary.



In 2014, the TAT Environmental Division began collaborative efforts with both the USGS (United Stated Geologic Survey) and the US ACE (United Stated Army Corps of Engineers) to collect surface and groundwater samples. In 2015, the TAT Environmental Division partnered with FBIR Public Water Systems for collecting source water (raw untreated water) samples. All samples were analyzed by the EPA Region 8 Laboratory for a broad spectrum of analytes.

USGS: The 2014-2015 QAPP (Quality Assurance Project Plan) describes the water sampling plan. The revised 2016 QAPP captures changes made to some ground water sampling locations. Historical water data has been compiled in a Retrospective Analysis.

US ACE: The map identifies where sampling events occurred in 2014.