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Edmund Baker

Bryant Waupoose

Name: Edmund Baker J.D.

Job Title: Environmental Director of the Three Affiliated Tribes

Cell: 701-421-6873

Office: 701-627-4569

Fax: 701-627-2917

Tribal Affiliation: Enrolled member of the Three Affiliated Tribes Hidatsa Name - Naxbiccii Iishaa (Bear Teeth) Member of the Knife Clan

Education: B.A. Philosophy/Pre-law (UND-Grand Forks) J.D. University of Montana School of Law (Now Alexander Blewett III School of Law - Missoula Montana)

My name is Edmund Baker and I currently serve as the Environmental Director of the Three Affiliated Tribes, on the Bakken Shale Formation. I grew up in the Mandaree area of our land and left the boundaries of our Reservation in 1994. I worked and attended school during the interim years and finally returned home after law school to serve our people. Though much has changed in our land from when I departed, the people are thriving and our resources require vigilante oversight in production/extraction and in the area of environmental concern. I continue to make my home where my life began and new reside in the north segment portion of our land. I carry out my duties and return home to my wife and children, enjoying being home again among my own people. It has been a continuing privilege to serve our people and to try and address environmental concerns in our lands during the previous years. My commitment is to our land, water, and air which in turn has always provided a foundation for our people to flourish no matter the circumstances. Our department works on a day to day basis with EPA, North Dakota Department of Health, US Army Corp., USGS, BIA, and our sister agencies within our Tribal Government. Though I have learned much through these years, there is still a lot of effort that remains to be put forth to ensure the next generation's future.