The Fire Management program provides wildland fire

  protections services on the Ft. Berthold Inidan Reservation  
  utilizing to the extent possible, resources available on the  
  Reservation, complying with the National Wildfire  
  Coordinating Group (NWCG) guidelines. This is  
  accomplished by providing NWCG sanctioned training  
  and equipment for local tribal and Emergency Firefighters.  
  Currently the Three Affiliated Tribes has six Type 6 Wildfire that occured on
  WIldland Fire Engines and two Type 5 Wildland Fire 10-01-10 near Parshall, ND.
  Engines as well as 25 qualified wildland firefighters.  
  Prescribed fire is also a major component of the  
  protection of the people and resources on the Ft.  
  Berthold Indian Reservation.Numerous areas throughout  
  the reservation are burned to reduce or eliminate  
  hazardous fuels utilizing NWCG sanctions planning and  
  methods. Off reservation dispatch is a secondary function  
  of the Fire Management Program. Hand crews and/or  
  Engine crews can be dispatched throughout the nation to  
  assist in wildland suppression efforts.  
Telephone: 701-627-2897    
Fax: 701-627-2896    
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