Noel S. Baker Marle Baker  
  Mr. Baker is an enrolled member of the Marle Baker began his current position as Fire  
  Three Affiliated Tribes. He is a qualified Burn Management Officer for TAT in April 2004. He  
  Boss Type 2 and has been working for TAT began his career as a Wildland Firefighter in the  
  Fire Management for 8 years. He holds a spring of 1991 as a Type 2 Firefighter and has  
  bachelor's of Science degree in worked his way up to Incident Commander Type  
  Environmental Science and enjoys his 3, Task Force Leader and Prescribe Burn Boss  
  family, technology and reading. Typ 2. Marle's formal education was acquired at  
    the University of Idaho with a bachelors of Science in Forestry. Favorite hobbies include  
    hunting, hiking and enjoying the great outdoors.  
  Kipp Krueger Dwight Howling Wolf  
  Mr. Krueger is the Senior Firefighter for TAT Mr. Howling Wolf has been employed for 6  
  Fire and his career spans 12 years. years with the Fire Management Program  
    and is a Fire Technician.    
  Dustin Peyer   David Apitz  
  Mr. Peyer has worked with four different   Mr. Apitz comes to us via the North Dakota  
  agencies within the past 7 years and is a   State Fire Crew and is a Type 2 Firefighter.  
  Type 2 Firefighter. This is his first year   This is his first year working for TAT Fire  
  with TAT Fire.   Management.  
  Austin Hodgkiss   Eric Henry  
  Mr. Hodgkiss is enrolled with the Standing   Mr. Henry is enrolled with the Three Affiliated  
  Rock Reservation and is qualified as an   Tribes and is from White Shield, ND. He is  
  Engine Boss and a Crew Boss Trainee. This   currently a Type 1 Firefighter trainee and this  
  is his second year working for TAT Fire   is his first year working as a TAT Fire Technician  
  Management.   but has experience as an AD Firefighter.  
  DuWayne Fox   Jayne BirdBear  
  Mr. Fox lives in New Town, ND, and is an   Ms. BirdBear is enrolled with the Three  
  enrolled member of the Three Affiliated   Affiliated Tribes and is from New Town, ND.  
  Tribes. He is a qualified Engine Boss and   This is her first year as a full time  
  has been fighting wildfires since 1994.   Administrative Clerk/Dispatcher.  
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