Burn Requests   Fire Prevention  
  When conditions are favorable we can burn   Smokey is available for Fire Prevention booths  
  around your home to either protect it from   or to make special appearances at your school  
  wildfire or to reduce snow buildup in the   to spread the word of fire prevention.  
  winter months.      
  For more info: sbaker@mhanation.com   For more info: sbaker@mhanation.com  
  Training Opportunities   Prescribe Fire  
    We will list training dates on our calendar for   Through the Hazardous Fuels Reduction (HFR)  
    opportunities to advance your career as a   program we burn around communities to protect  
    wildland firefighter.   them from wildfire in the spring and fall.  
    For more info: tatfire@rtc.coop   For more info: sbaker@mhanation.com  
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