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    The Mandan, Hidatsa & Arikara Nation, new Tribal Mortgage Program, is located in the old Minne Tohe Health Clinic in the Four Bears area. Three Affiliated Tribes purchases the house and enters into a payment agreement with that tribal member. The home can be locally on the reservation or on qualified Fee Land off the Reservation. The loan is available for members at a low 3% interest rate for a 30 year term.

Criteria:  Tribal member must be 18 years or older, be in good standing (no financial delinquencies with the Three Affiliated Tribes, Complete a Homebuyers Education Course (Offered by the Tribal Housing or Approved Agency) and with adequate income to support an annual household budget and monthly payments, along with anticipated maintenance of the home.
  Mailing Address: Location:  
     Three Affiliated Tribes    MHA Nation Office Complex
     TAT Mortgage Loan Program    New Town, ND
     404 Frontage Road    (Across from the Eagles Landing C-store)
     New Town, ND 58763  
  Phone: 701-627-2560  
  FAX: 701-627-5311  
  Mariam Fixico Valerie Mayer
    Collections Officer   Mortgage Loan Officer
  Dana Lone Bear Terry Beston
    Administrative Assistant   Mortgage Loan Officer
        Tyson Alkire Taylor Keplin  
          Insurance Liaison   Mortgage Loan Officer  
    TAT Mortgage Loan Application        
       TAT Mortgage Loan Program Application (PDF)  
Three Affiliated Tribes
404 Frontage Road
New Town, ND 58763