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Vocational Rehabilitation Programs
Vocational Rehabilitation Programs are established by federal and state laws. They provide vocational rehabilitation services to all eligible persons without regard to
race, color, creed, religion, sex, disability, national origin or ancestry. Vocational
rehabilitation programming is primarily the responsibility of the state, except in
those areas where Section 121, American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation
Programs exist.
Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation Program
To supplement the services provided by State Vocational Rehabilitation agencies,
Section 121 of the Rehabilitation Services Act was created to promote and provide
funding for vocational rehabilitation services for Alaskan Natives and American
Indians with disabilities. Existence of an American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation
Program does not relieve the state of its responsibility to provide necessary services
to this population.
Are you Eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation Services?
To be eligible for Three Affiliated Tribes Vocational Rehabilitation Services Project activities:
   • You must be an enrolled member of an Alaskan Native or American Indian Tribe.
   • You must have a physical or mental impairment.
   • You must be “reasonably expected to benefit,” in terms of employment from the           vocational rehabilitation services received.
Examples of Disabilities
   • Alcohol & Drug Addiction
   • Blindness or Eye Disorders
   • Amputations
   • Hearing Problems
   • Mental Retardation
   • Orthopedic Problems
   • Head Injuries
   • Mental Illness
   • Seizure Disorders
   • Learning Disabilities
   • Spinal Cord Injuries
   • Speech Problems
   • Or any other physical or mental condition that impedes one’s ability to work.
    TAT Vocational Rehabilitation Program
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