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     Your full participation in your vocational rehabilitation program is vital to successful
rehabilitation. The Three Affiliated Tribes Vocational Rehabilitation Services Project
cannon guarantee success…we can only provide access to the opportunities for
     You and your rehabilitation team will work together to plan and create a rehabilitation
program designed just for you! The plan will identify the approved series providers, all
costs associated with your program, and the time frames and intermediate goals that
may be necessary for your rehabilitation. So that you and your vocational rehabilitation team will know exactly what plan has been designed for you, it will be put in writing in
an agreement called your “Individual Plan for Employment” or IPE.
The IPE is the most significant document you will receive
as a participant in your vocational rehabilitation program.
     You, your VR counselor, and any other rehabilitation team members who will provide
services will sign the IPE. Signing indicates that all parties agree that your IPE contains
everything necessary to your rehabilitation, although it may need to be re-evaluated and
changed later on. Revisions or services not included in your original IPE can only be
made or added through an amendment approved in wiring by you and your vocational
rehabilitation team.
      You have the responsibility to cooperate in the program detailed in your IPE. You
must make reasonable efforts o your own behalf, and must keep appointments and
attend scheduled activities. You also have the responsibility to follow instructions of
medical and other professional persons whose instructions are designed to help you
achieve your planned goals.
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