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Vocational Rehabilitation Programs
Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation services are designed to achieve an employment objective consistent with your unique circumstances. You and your counselor will assess your strengths, resources, priorities, abilities, concerns and capabilities to arrive at an acceptable rehabilitation plan.
The Following Services May be Utilized:
   • Eligibility and/or vocational needs assessments.
   • Counseling, guidance and work-related placement services.
   • Mental and physical restoration.
   • Maintenance for additional costs incurred while in rehabilitation.
   • Tuition, books/supplies, room/board, personal needs allowances, transportation.
   • Interpreter services for individuals who are deaf or visually impaired.
   • Occupational licenses, supplies, tools, equipment and initial stocks.
   • Recruitment and training services.
   • Assistive technology services.
   • Native healing services.
   • Information and referral services.
    TAT Vocational Rehabilitation Program
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