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  Mark Fox Chairman Mark Fox Phone: 701-627-4781  
  • MHA Nation Tribal Chairman 404 Frontage Road Fax: 701-627-3503  
  • MHA Nation Tribal Business Council New Town, ND 58763 chairmanfox@mhanation.com  
Tribal Chairman      
  Mark Fox  
  Mark N. Fox is the Chairman of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arickara Nation. He is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, and earned his law degree in 1993 from the University of North Dakota. He has served on various national boards including DOE's Energy Work Group, ITMA, and the National Indian Gaming Association. A strong advocate for tribal sovereignty, he is renowned for his work in the areas of taxation, gaming, energy, and economic development. Mark also enjoys time with his family and participating in charitable and non-profit events."  
Office of the Chairman Staff Directory      
  Tribal Administration Office  
  Al Nygard Praire Rose Chapin    
    Chief Executive Officer   Federal Programs Manager - Acting    
    alnygard@mhanation.com   prchapin@mhanation.com    
    701-627-8102   701-627-8154    
  Kari Mossett Twyla Good Bird Norma Baker-Flying Horse  
    Executive Assistant   Administrative Assistant   Public Relations Officer  
    kmossett@mhanation.com   tgoodbird@mhanation.com   nbaker@mhanation.com  
    701-627-8102   701-627-8123   701-627-4781  
  Bobby Fox      
  Bismarck Satellite Office  
  107 West Main Street, Suite 225 Telephone: 701-751-2928    
  Bismarck, ND 58501 Fax: 701-751-2933    
  Mark Little Owl, MSW Daunelle Marsette Anita Green, BA  
    Director   Administrative Assistant   Education Specialist  
    mlittleowl@mhanation.com   daunellemarsette@mhanation.com   agreen@mhanation.com  
    701.421.2703   701.421.5907   701.421.5886  
  Meranda Sanderson, RN Val FInley Jr. Leah Black Hawk  
    Health Facilitator   Human Resources   West Segment Coordinator  
    msanderson@mhanation.com   vfinley@mhanation.com   lblackhawk@mhanation.com  
    701.421.5960   701.421.0902   701.421.3665  
  Calvin Black Hawk      
   • Financial, Medical and Funeral Policy      
   • 2013 Wake Funeral Application      
   • 2013 Wake Funeral Application 2      
   • 2013 Emergency Grants Donation Application      
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