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  Forth Berthold Diabetes Program      
  Contact Information:  
     Fort Berthold Diabetes Program  
     Awatii Wellness Center  
     1 Minne-Tohe Drive  
     New Town, ND 58763  
    Monday-Thursday: 8:00am - 6:00pm      
    Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm      
  The following is a service listing that the program provides to diabetic patients:      
    • DM Clinic - Every Friday      
    • DM Field Clinics      
         -Parshall 1st Tuesday of each month      
         -White Shield 2nd Tuesday of each month      
         -Twin Buttes 3rd Thurssday of each month      
         -Mandaree 4th Monday of each month      
    • DM Education      
    • Nutrition Education      
    • Fitness Education      
    • Fitness Assessments      
    • Foot Care      
    • Case Management      
    • Pre-Renal      
    • Dental      
    • Optometry      
    • Chair Exercises      
         **Will Resume in September      
  Fort Berthold Diabetes Program Team        
    • Jared Eagle, Acting Program Director, Fitness Director          
    • Shasta Mandan, BSN, RN, CDE      
    • Delia Celo, Medical Support      
    • Komiko Garcia, Medical Support      
    • Janelle Spotted Horse, Fitness Technician      
    • Julie Beston, Fitness Technician      
    • Corey Arcelay, MD      
    • James Jeske, OD      
    • Michael Melland, DDS      
    • Michael LeBeau, MD      
    • John Finn, MPH, RD, LN, LRD  
  **It is recommended that diabetic patients receive yearly education, for those patients who receive updated education and are up to date on appointments and lab work, we have established a new incentive program, call or stop by for an appointment today! 627-7931**  
Three Affiliated Tribes
404 Frontage Road
New Town, ND 58763