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  Monica Mayer    
  Councilwoman Monica Mayer represents the residents of North Segment for the Tribal Business Council of the
Mandan, Hidatsa & Arikara, Nation.

Monica Mayer, MD, "Good Medicine", is an enrolled member of the Mandan Hidatsa Arikara nation. She's the
oldest daughter of Avis Baker Mayer and the late Ervin Mayer. She is also the oldest granddaughter of the
late May Howard-Coffey and the late Adrian Baker. Dr. Mayer is a lifelong resident of New Town and attended
Edwin Loe Elementary and graduated from New Town High School in 1978.

 Dr. Mayer has the following degrees:
 -Associate of Arts in Business Administration
 -Bachelors of Science in Education
 -Doctorate of Medicine from the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and is a Family practice physician.

She has over 20 years of clinical healthcare experience all in the Great Plains Area of North Dakota & South
Dakota working for direct patient care in clinical & ER setting. She has administrative experience as Chief Medical
Officer for critical access center, Belcourt Hospital, & Great Plains Area (Deputy Acting). Currently working with
MHA nation Tribal Health with Home Health program & Chairman’s drug & alcohol initiatives. Dr. Mayer is a peacetime veteran 1984-1990 with the US Army Reserves.

Dr. Mayer is dedicated to improving the overall healthcare & promoting wellness of Native Americans in the
Great Plains Area, and more specifically the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation.
  Administration, Staff & Departments Title Email  
  North Segment Administration  
  • Monica Mayer, M.D. Tribal Councilwoman (North Segment)  
  Nathaniel C. Mayer Chief of Staff    
  Lori Agyemang Executive Administrative Assistant    
  Lexi Taft Office Manager    
  Jena Johnson Assistant to the Chief of Staff    
  Vonnie Alberts Public Relations/Legislative Aide    
  Cedar Henry Local Public Relations/Events    
  Averyl Taft Receptionist    
  Devin Fox Receptionist    
  Jariah Danks Receptionist    
  Arthur Mandan Elders' Liaison    
  Vicki Mandan Property Management Administrator    
  Kathleen Hall Property Management Assistant    
  Jackie Benson Property Management Assistant    
  M. Tony Foote, RIMS Manager    
  Maggie Halvorson Housing Maintenance Manager    
  Tyrell Halvorson Housing Maintenance Supervisor    
  Ervin Halvorson Jr. Housing Maintenance    
  Justin Halvorson Housing Maintenance    
  Josephine Heart Housekeeping    
  Valene Halvorson Housekeeping    
  Courtney Halvorson Housekeeping    
  Glenda Ramsey Housekeeping    
  Enos Baker Maintenance Director    
  Devon Davis Maintenance Supervisor    
  Alex Baker Maintenance    
  Charles Moran Jr. Maintenance    
  Kwame Amoako Maintenance    
  Eric Smith Jr. Maintenance    
  Louden Smith Maintenance    
  Adrian Johnson Maintenance    
  Melvin Hale Maintenance    
  Doug McGrady Security Day Supervisor    
  Markeith Wheeler Security Night Supervisor    
  Michael Fox Security Guard    
  Damien Wilkie Security Guard    
  Weston Smith Security Guard    
  Terrance Steele Jr. Security Guard    
  Ervin Halvorson Sr. Security Guard    
  Charles Fox Security Guard    
  Deborah Hall-Thompson Home Health Coordinator    
  Melissa Spotted Bear Social Worker    
  Parmalee Baker Nurse    
  Cheyenne Brady Home Health Department Administrative Assistant    
  Trista Marsette Home Health Department Administrative Assistant    
  North Segment Community Development Corporation    
  • Elgin Crows Breast President    
  • Tom Hale Vice President    
  • Marc Bluestone Secretary/Treasurer    
  Resolution No. #03-160-DSB: North Segment Community Development Corporation (A non-profit corporation of the North Segment Community)  
  The NSCDC is mandated with; A. Promoting economic development activities in six primary areas of focus; Community Planning, Commercial Development, Business/Technology Training, Community/Youth Development, Health Care and Housing Development and, in conjunction therewith, to enhance employment opportunities for members of the North Segment Community of the Three Affiliated Tribes who reside within the exterior boundaries of the Fort Berthold Reservation. B. The Corporation will create business development activities for the North Segment District of Fort Berthold to assist in creating commerce for the business enterprises in all six districts of the Reservation. C. The Corporation will create an economically viable community by improving the unemployment rates, poverty levels, expanding training opportunities, developing enterprises in depressed areas, assisting North Segment Community members to obtain financial literacy and expanding housing opportunities for low income persons and families. D. The Corporation will have al and exercise any of the powers necessary and convenient to effect any or all of the purposes for which the Corporation is organized and chartered as authorized by the Tribal Business Council of the Three Affiliated Tribes.  
  Community Board Title    
  • Dennis Fox Chairperson    
  • Darrian Morsette Vice Chairperson    
  • Bernadine Youngbird Secretary    
  • Clarine Degroot Treasurer    
  • Jeff Fox At-Large Member    
  School Board Title    
  • Cary Enno President    
  • Jerry Uran Vice President    
  • Martha Hunter Member    
  • Edward S. Danks, Jr. Member    
  • Delvin Driver Jr Member    
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