Segments > Parshall (Lucky Mound)      
  Parshall (Lucky Mound) Segment      
  Parshall Segment Office Telephone: 701-862-3841    
  P.O. Box 468 Fax: 701-862-3842    
  Parshall, ND 58770      
  Mervin Packineau    
  Tribal Council Treasurer   
  Administration & Staff Title & Office Contact Info  
  • Mervin Packineau Tribal Councilman Phone: 701-627-8216  
  • Mariam Fixico Administrative Assistant Fax: 701-627-3216  
  • Margie Iverson Administrative Assistant    
  • Allen Pond NE Segment Red Hall, Supervisor Phone: 701-862-2066  
  • Byron Grinnell NE Segment Red Hall, Maintenance    
  • Richard Hart NE Segment Red Hall, Maintenance    
  • Timothy Hart NE Segment Red Hall, Maintenance    
  • Jake Myrick NE Segment Red Hall, Maintenance/Security  
  • Joyce Yellow Bird NE Segment Adm. Assistant, Mainstreet Phone: 701-862-3841, FAX: 701-862-3842  
  • Dusty Olson NE Segment Security Phone: 701-862-2066  
  • Ed White NE Segment Security    
  • Kenny Rabbit Head NE Segment Security    
  • Jarren Bracklin NE Segment Security    
  • May Evans NE Segment Elder's Cook Phone: 701-862-3942  
  • Daunelle Brady NE Segment Elder's Assistant Cook    
  • Ronald Foote NE Segment Fitness Center, Supervisor Phone: 701-862-3942  
  • Paul Howling Wolf NE Segment Fitness Center, Maintenance    
  • Monica Dixon NES Little Braves Daycare, Supervisor Phone: 701-862-2225  
  2018 Santee/Lucky Mound Celebration - June 22-24, 2018  
  2018 Santee/Lucky Mound Celebration Committee    
  President Bruce Benson
  Vice President Lukas (Missy) Spotted Bear
  Secretary Mamie Sherwood
  Treasurer Sue Romero
  Drum Keeper Jeremiah Hart
  Flag Bearer Roy Packineau
  Arena Director Eric Woods Jr. (Mona Pond)
  Head Man Dancer Jerry Irwin
  Head Woman Dancer Ashley (Donna) Hall
  Princess Meadow (Melissa) Young Bird
  2018 Santee/Lucky Mound Celebration Committee Upcoming Events    
  All Events are scheduled for the Red Hall in Parshall, ND.
  October 15 Prize Bingo - 1:00pm. More details can be found here.
  October 28 Mourner's Feed - Noon
    Masquerade Dance - 6:00pm. More details can be found here.
  November 4 Hunter's Breakfast - 6:00am
  **Please help support the 2018 Santee/Lucky Mound Celebration Committee by purchasing a "Cash Calendar" from any of the members for $20 a piece.  
    Drawings to start October 1, 2017.  
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