TAT Fish & Wildlife Division

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325 Main Street
New Town, ND 58763

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 4:30PM

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Phone: (701) 627-4760
FAX: (701) 627-4743


Antoine Smith


Services Provided

The TAT Fish and Wildlife Division manages the FBIR wildlife by regulating hunting and fishing activities. It does this by issuing licenses and enforcing regulations. 

  • Enforces the Three Affiliated Tribes Chapter 18, Fish and Recreation Code.
  • Develops yearly proclamations and hunting/fishing regulations for hunting seasons.
  • Manages wildlife populations and habitat for game and non-game species.
  • Administers and sells hunting, fishing and boating licenses.
  • Educates the general public on hunting and fishing regulations, ethical hunting and fishing practices.
  • Conducts certified hunter’s education courses in communities throughout the reservation.
  • Provides and assists with emergency management.
  • Provides assistance to the TATPD when requested.
  • Provides and assists with wake/funeral escorts when requested by the families having lost loved ones.

Eligible Participants

All Enrolled Tribal Members.

Area(s) Served

Fort Berthold Reservation

Purpose/Mission Statement

The mission of the Three Affiliated Tribes Fish and Wildlife Division is to conserve, protect, and enhance fish, wildlife and plants within the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation boundaries for the continuing benefits of the tribe that reside on the reservation.

hunter education courses

Reminder to anyone needing to get hunter education certified before the fall hunting seasons, these summer classes are the last classes our office offers as we do not offer any fall classes due to the start of hunting seasons and license sales.  

REGISTER for a class at: https://apps.nd.gov/gnf/onlineservices/lic/public/hunterEducation/hunterEdCoursesList.htm


Enrollee must be 11 years old within the calendar year. A student enrolled in a Hunter Education class must attend all classes.

To enrolled students: Failure to attend classes without notifying the instructor will result in losing the opportunity to enroll in another class for one year. (This includes all North Dakota Hunter Ed courses)

If you have any questions please contact the Three Affiliated Tribes Fish & Wildlife at 701-627-4760.

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