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MHA TERO/Energy Complex - 3rd Floor
305 4th Avenue, Suite 3100
New Town, ND 58763

Located South of the Tribal Administration Building

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Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 4:30PM

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Phone: (701) 627-5154
FAX: (701) 627-5105

MHA Energy Staff

Carson Hood
O: 701-627-6206
C: 701-421-0137

Jaymie Packineau
Executive Assistant
O: 701-627-6205
C: 701-421-0545

Keith Bear
Tribal Realty Specialist
O: 701-627-6213
C: 701-421-0097

Sal Beston
Compliance Manager
O: 701-627-6212
C: 701-421-8762

Dia Dijish Wana Lockwood
Field Inspector
O: 701-627-6216
C: 701-421-7952

Shawn Paul Grady
Realty Specialist
O: 701-627-6209
C: 701-421-0506

Richard Pease
Office Manager
O: 701-627-6214
C: 701-421-9254

Amanda Wilson
O: 701-627-65154/6201
C: 701-312-0617

Harritte Clah
Tribal Realty Specialist
O: 701-627-66208
C: 701-421-1250

Daymyn Marsette
Field Inspector
O: 701-627-66216
C: 701-421-7260

Blaine Dixon
Field Inspector
O: 701-627-6218
C: 701-421-8379

Kenny Lyson
Deputy Director
O: 701-627-6211
C: 701-421-2629

Carey Doyle
Petroleum Engineer
O: 701-627-6207
C: 701-421-6679

Tom Eagle
Safety Officer
O: 701-627-6217
C: 701-421-6498

Bennett Everett
Field Inspector
O: 701-627-6216
C: 701-421-9871

Catherine Everett
Realty Specialist
O: 701-627-6210
C: 701-421-4157

MHA Energy Organizational Chart




MHA Energy Division will manage all Natural Resources through professional mentorship, responsible development, communication and education; while committing to environmental awareness and cultural values that ensure sovereignty for generations to come.


MHA Energy Division will promote accountability to the members of the MHA Nation and environment through transparency and professional development while adhering to traditional values in order to protect and safeguard natural resources.


MHA Energy Division will provide the highest standard of excellence to the people while demonstrating:

  • Work Ethic

  • Social Responsibility

  • Integrity

  • Honor

  • Leading by Example

  • Dependability

  • PerseverAnce

  • Compassion

  • Respect to Others

  • Diligence


Monitoring Oil & Gas Activity (Leasing, Permitting, Drilling, Production & Federal Regulations)

  • Monitor all exploration and production activities of all Oil & Gas Companies operating within the Exterior Boundaries of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, including mitigations for protection of other resources including environmental, endangered species, cultural resources and reclamation.

  • Provide Tribal Business Council with expertise and advice on the technical aspects, economics, environmental issues, and administration of agreements and leases under specific statues, regulations, and Indian minerals owners imposed constraints.

  • Provide Documentation and maintain files on all drilling and related operations, to include production, abandonment, environmental and compliance.

  • Collaborate with Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Natural Resource Revenue, Office of Special Trustee, US Fish & Wild Life, Environmental Protection Agency and North Dakota Industrial Commission agencies.

  • Provide liaison services to Allottees and hold community updates to the tribal members on oil & gas activity within the exterior boundaries of the Fort Berthold Reservation.

  • Provide training to all Energy Department personnel in Realty, Production, Royalty, Environmental, and federal Indian Lands.


  • Inspect and investigate Tribal Oil & Gas exploration and production facilities and operations and document all inspections in the field activity database.

  • Enforce tribal and federal laws rules through inspections, investigations, and complaint response related to pollution control & environmental protection.

  • Work in joint effort with Federal Agencies with Environmental remediation efforts for Hazardous Spills and perform follow-up inspections to ensure compliance with guidelines and instructions.

  • Assist in compiling historical data of seismic operations, preparations of maps and related records keeping, and conducting research files.

  • Monitor Oil & Gas drilling and Production on Tribal Mineral Interest


  • Track production volumes, sales volumes, total dollar sales, average price per-unit sols, royalties due, and allowances for the Tribal Well Interest by well API number (and lease/IMDA number, if data and reporting formats allow) for all petroleum exterior boundaries of the Fort Berthold Reservation.

  • Compare corresponding production volume and sales volumes by well API number.

  • Compare monthly royalties due according to ONRR reports to monthly distributions provided by OST.

  • Discuss discrepancies and unusual trends in the data with the appropriate lease operator, federal agency (BIA, BLM, ONRR, and/or OST) and TAT TBC on a MONTHLY BASIS to identify reasons for unusual trends and to resolve reporting deficiencies.

  • Migrate MHA Royalty data to a relational database and provide securing online access to MHA Energy Department and Tribal Business Council.


  • Continue to monitor all exploration and production activities of all Oil & Gas companies operating within Fort Berthold Boundaries.

  • Continue to inspect and investigate tribal Oil & Gas exploration and production facilities and operations and document all inspections in a field activity database with an approved MOU/MOA with BLM, NDIC, and BIA.

  • Continue to work in joint effort with federal Agencies with environmental remediation efforts for hazardous spills and perform follow-up inspections to ensure compliance is within guidelines and instructions.

  • Recruitment of Oil & Gas Safety Officer and additional Enforcement Inspectors that will be knowledgeable in Federal Indian Oil & Gas Regulations & Permitting, OSHA and Haz-Wopper qualified and has expert knowledge of Oil & Gas production facilities.

  • Recruitment of an Oil & Gas Pipeline Analyst/Inspector that will monitor all pipelines for construction, safety and compliance standards. Also to create an Oil & Gas Pipeline Authority for the Fort Berthold.

  • Develop a Tribal OSHA program, to implement Tribal Programs Compliance.

  • Continue to track production volumes, sales volumes, and total dollar sales, average price per-unit sold, royalty due, and allowances for the Tribal Well Interest.

  • Have fully Developed MHA Royalty Relation & Spatial database providing online access to MHA Energy Department and Tribal Business Council.

  • Develop an Oil & Gas Auditing Division to monitor Tribal Royalties and Production.



All Resolutions are in  Adobe PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Reader download it here.