What We Do

The staff at Public Works are dedicated to serving the people of the Ft. Berthold Reservation–meet your Public Works Department and learn what it is they do for you!



Internally, we act as Administration for Solid Waste and Waste Water by collecting data, dispatching work orders, creating customer base, billing and collecting revenue. We also receive and process applications for sanitation facilities for new/like new homes, and work with programs to streamline the process of owning a home.


Any enrolled or non-enrolled members living on or around Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, but cannot exceed the counties adjacent to the exterior boundaries of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation.


Any area within the exterior boundaries of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, and /or any areas within adjacent counties to those exterior boundaries.


Water, sewer, solid waste and roads are basic needs of any community. These needs can and should be available to everyone. Our purpose is to fulfill the basic infrastructure needs of the public and to effectively operate and maintain our facilities in order to provide a clean and healthy environment for the MHA Nation. Our mission is to Develop and maintain a system that will improve the quality of life for our members and ensure the sustainability of our environment, economy and communities, for ourselves and future generations.


Public Works administers for Solid Waste and Waste Water, who are responsible for the operation and maintenance of 4 solid waste transfer stations, 18 sewerage lift stations, 9 sewerage collection systems, 4 lagoons and two fleets which include 2 vac trucks, 8 trash trucks, 4 roll-off delivery trucks, bobcat, backhoe, forklift, and a dozer. We also dig graves and maintain relationships with federal agencies.



Public Works Staff


Justin L. Spotted bear


Justin L. Spotted Bear likes writing dark poetry while sipping his specially imported oolong tea from a small province in southern China. As the Director of Public Works, Justin is tasked with obtaining federal funds for the department which allows for projects that sustain the reservation’s wastewater infrastructure and installation of individual homeowner septic and water systems. He enjoys working with our customers one-on-one to make
sure they get their new homes move in ready and  ensuring they are properly maintained thereafter.

(M) 701.627.5291
(D) 701.627.6240
(C) 701.421.1280
Email: jlspottedbear@mhanation.com


jessica alcon

Office Manager

Jessica Alcon likes charcoal sketching while listening to Beethoven. She oversees the daily workings of the Public Works staff as well as aid in the administrative functions
of the ancillary departments under Public Works. As the Office Manager, she works with the Directors of each of the programs in project managing as well as customer satisfaction for the Division’s performance. 

(M) 701.627.5291
(D) 701.627.6238
(C) 701.421.2133
Email: jalcon@mhanation.com



Alvina WOlf

Public Works Dispatch

Alvina Wolf spends her evenings brushing her hair and Netflix binging. Alvina takes service requests from the multiple departments and dispatches them to the crews
that carry out community needs. From new solid waste container deliveries to residents to tracking construction progress for individual septic and water systems, she makes sure the job gets done for our people. Well known for being the technical support mastermind of the department, Alvina works tirelessly to keep those field crews busy! 

(M) 701.627.5291
(D) 701.627.
(C) 701.421.
Email: awolf@mhanation.com


Kayla lone bear

AR Clerk

Kayla Lone Bear dreams of one day becoming part of the elite group of Notary Public's. Kayla bills and accepts payments for department services. By collaborating with Dispatch, she makes sure the department not only recovers the most revenue available, but also ensures that our elder residents are being taken care of and their discounts properly logged. 

(M) 701.627.5291
(D) 701.627.
(C) 701.421.
Email: klonebear@mhanation.com



Bobbie Ray BIg Lake

AP Clerk

Bobbie Ray Big Lake likes hunting and honing her
English tea service skills in her spare time. Bobbie
ensures the department’s budgets are managed
and the lights stay on! She oversees the budgets of
all the departments under Public Works which means
she keeps these departments accountable to our
people as well as the policies mandated by our
Tribal Business Council.

(M) 701.627.5291
(O) 701.627.
(C) 701.421.
Email: bbiglake@mhanation.com




We are as excited as you to find out who our new receptionist is, but we hope s/he likes candle making and knows how to artfully tie a bow-tie. Our Receptionist is the face of Public Works. S/he is namely responsible for providing excellent customer service to our people as well as aiding all the Public Works staff in daily administrative duties. S/he is here to provide the best service possible in order to better assist our people and reservation.

(M) 701.627.5291
Email: tatpublicworks@mhanation.com