Knife River

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430 North
Stanton, ND 58571

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Phone: (701) 627-6184


Claryca Mandan

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Services Provided

Historical Village Site of the Hidatsa.  Preservation of Historical Site-Cultural Interpretive Displays-Host Cultural Events-Language Preservation-Coordination with NPS and State Historical Society, and other tribal cultural programs.  Camps, trail rides, horse events.  Public education through booths and publications and FB page.

Eligible Participants

Tribal Members, visiting public, schools, youth groups, cultural and historical organizations, language preservation, tribal college, traditional seed keepers, traditional horticulturalists, horse events, xoogah, clan members, campers, Boys and Girls clubs.

Area(s) Served

MHA Nation, State of North Dakota, Tourists

Purpose/Mission Statement

Preservation of Hidatsa Village-Interpretation of History from Hidatsa perspective.

Additional Information

The physical site approximately 55 acres, is primarily located on the third village Amahami. 
Donated to the MHA nation by tribal members Reba and Tillie Walker for the purpose of preserving Hidatsa history, culture, language and clan traditions.